What a nice mug Seriously. People hate it with passion and creativity designing mugs, T-shirts, writing parody code and full websites about how frustrating it is. While I am not planning a long complaining post (although the temptation is strong) I had to do something.

Some fellow bloggers already did a great hating job (kudo to them!). The best posts I could read on the topic are PHP Must Die and PHP: a fractal of bad design . The first one is short and simple while the second is exhaustive and merciless (there is a link to the PHP documentation in its "Credits" section).

PHP is meant to die is also a very interesting post I recently found. It is focused on the "dying programming model of PHP" and its consequences.

Still, it's when you dig into code that you realize how deep the rabbit whole is . When I feel sad and bad at writing programs, I just linger there for a while and soon, I would smile again.

Last time I checked, they were using -INT_MAX.