Fork While Fork

It's true.
No shit. is back online.

You'll notice a few changes around here:

  1. I'm writing in English,
  2. The blog is running Octopress,
  3. There is a new name.

Since most of my website's content is about computer stuff, it should be as accessible as possible. It's more a guideline than a rule, but I'll do my best to stick to English (at least for sysadmin and programming stuff).

Octopress mainly because I wanted by website to be statically generated. Since I'm a Ruby (and recently GitHub) fanboy, it seemed logical. I hacked whitespace found in the few availables themes.

Last but not least, I changed the site's name to the famous Matrix quote There is no spoon. I've seen this movie (which is one of my favourite) a dozen time, and it's only recently that I understood how key this sequence is.

That's it! Stay tuned!

There is no spoon